Digital Marketing Campaign Methodology

Embarking on a digital marketing campaign involves more than just throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. At SevenCube, we use a structured, four-step methodology to ensure every campaign is strategic, targeted, and effective. From initial research to meticulous planning, precise execution, and detailed analysis, we guide you through every stage to maximize your marketing efforts. Discover how our proven process helps you connect with your audience, amplify your message, and achieve measurable results.


Discovery and Research.

To kickstart a new project, we usually hop on a discovery call with your company to understand your business and then go out and analyze your brand, its customers, and competitors.

Discovery Call

First thing is first, let's meet up or talk on a call so we can evaluate which stage your business is at in terms of marketing campaigns and outreach efforts. We also use this time to find out more about who we’re working with; you! We’d love to hear more about your company’s mission statement, core values, and goals for the future.

Online Presence Audit

Next, we conduct an extensive audit or background check of your company’s marketing strategy. Whether it’s social media profiles, Google advertisements, or even Glassdoor ratings, all of this falls under our radar and we use this information to get an understanding of how your brand is currently perceived online.

Competitor Research

We don’t stop there, competitor analysis is crucial for success as well. Drawing examples from successful marketing campaigns in your industry, we analyze common traits which will later be implemented into your marketing strategy.

Target Audience

Lastly, we focus on what your target audience needs. Unbeknownst to most, successful small businesses must have a degree of selectiveness when it comes to choosing their target audience. While high volume is great, it doesn’t always translate into extra dollars. We find out what is the ideal customer profile for your business, and tailor your marketing campaigns to reach this group of people.


Design & Development

Most of our work falls under design and development. While we’ve listed out quite a number of services here, we can provide additional solutions on request. Truly, we strive to be a versatile and resourceful digital marketing agency.

Web Design · Branding

If you don’t already have one, we’ll create a logo along with a brand style guide for your business. A brand style guide is a digital document which details precisely the look and feel of your brand in all areas. Brand style guides can be used internally for consistency, as well as distributed to clients to communicate an authentic and consistent brand voice.

From the brand style guide, we develop a custom-made website design off it to make both elements fit seamlessly.

When it comes to actual marketing campaigns, landing pages are an absolute must. We help with the creation and design of these pages, optimizing each one specifically for the associated advertisement.

Web Development · Coding

Once your website is designed, and online we'll help ensure you get the most out of it. We code and automate some actions to make marketing management easier. Integrations on your website are cost-effective and absolute time-savers, but require expertise to implement. That’s where we come in, programming the tech side of things such as CRM lead exports, automated email marketing campaigns, and more.

Have an idea for a web application? Company Portal, or new Social Media Platform - whatever your needs are, we can help you design and code your million dollar idea!


Campaign Launch

Once we have perfected the advertisements, landing pages, website, and content, we can then proceed to the launch phase. The campaign launch will be open to the public, so all BETA and test runs will have been completed in the previous stage.


One of our key organic growth drivers is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. More specifically, we use On-page SEO, which optimizes the web pages for target keywords to help the website rank higher on search engines. This can include minor details like title tags and headings, to more higher-order things such as finding SEO keywords and proper internal linking. By having a professionally done-up webpage, it is more likely for other websites to link to our campaigns, boosting visibility significantly.

PPC Campaigns

Alternatively, we also use PPC (Paid-per-click) ads to create a powerful marketing funnel to landing pages and the main website. With the design elements and ad copy from the ‘Design and Development Phase’, we integrate them into ad campaigns. In the campaign launch phase, we actively monitor and moderate Google Ad campaigns, tracking each advert closely to determine whether we should continue with or abandon it.


Analyze and Revise

Once our campaigns go live, the waiting game begins. We wait patiently for the SEO algorithms and PPC ads to work their magic, while actively monitoring the campaigns from the sidelines. More often than not, this phase is where we learn the most out of the entire project. By evaluating key factors such as each ad’s ROI, keywords that rank higher, ads that draw good quality leads, and more, we find out what are the true market makers or breakers in the specific industry.

By sheer rinse and repeat of the SevenCube Standard, your business will reach far and wide, to infinity and beyond!