What is SEO anyway?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s known, are strategies to make sure you are recognized by search engines. SEO helps your website show up higher on google/yahoo/bing/etc search results.

SevenCube SEO Search Engine OptimizationHow does SEO work?

Google and other search engines don’t reveal exactly how their search algorithms work. However, we have proven strategies that work on getting you to the front page where it matters most. SevenCube’s strategies revolve around correct site architecture (meta tags, sitemaps, scheme.org structure, etc), quality content, quality link building, and long tail keywords.

The basics to getting good SEO results are:

  • Proper meta tags, and long tail keyword use
  • Quality websites linking to your website
  • Valuable content that people want to share
  • Constant A/B testing and refining

Our experts work diligently using our proven tactics and monthly audits to make sure we can get you to the front page and stay there.

SEO that worked yesterday, won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

SEO is an on-going challenge because of the sheer volume of new websites every day. The way Google and other search engine’s modify their search algorithms also requires constant upkeep. Just recently Google announced that their “Penguin Update” will now run in real time. Why is this important? Because the Penguin update is an algorithm that determines if a website is “spammy” and nullifies the links that particular website has. For instance, let’s say you were ranked high because of a certain website put a link to your website. Then, Google determines that website “feels like a spam website”. It will immediately drop your website significantly. So if you have hundreds of websites linking back to you, this could cause a great deal of fluctuation and something that needs to be monitored often.

Getting Results

Now that you have the 50 foot view of how SEO works, you’ll be able to understand why its a difficult task that takes patience and continued efforts. While there are many fly by night companies that promise great and fast results. Their spam-like tactics are being targeted and punished by Google and other search engines. Once you are on their “blacklist” for using these types of tactics, its is very difficult to get your website to show up anywhere near the first page. Any good SEO company or expert will tell you that the results take months to begin to see depending on how difficult the competition is and it is something you have to continue to audit and re-adjust.

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