Landing Page Development

SevenCube Landing PagesWhat is a landing page?

A landing page is a “mini-website” that was created specifically for one purpose – to convert. Conversions can be anything from making a purchase to signing up for a demo.

Why are landing pages used?

Digital marketers, including SevenCube, create a mini-websites as opposed to linking the main website is because we know the demographics. When you create a marketing campaign, you typically know who views it and general information about them. For example, let’s say we create a FaceBook Ad and set the demographics as “Woman, aged 20-30, Live in TX, and are interested in Maternity Clothes”.

We know that the only people that can click on the ad, fit within that criteria. We then make a landing page tailored specifically for that demographic. Since we know exactly what they are interested in and we know a little about their “persona”. This allows us to make sure that the design is catered to the individual and the offer is relevant to them and the ad. When you combine all of these techniques, it creates a very powerful campaign.

How SevenCube leverages Landing Pages

At SevenCube we use landing pages to work hand-in-hand with our digital marketing campaigns. Similar to the example described above. We create landing pages for any digital marketing campaign that links back to your website.

We create landing pages for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Facebook, Google Ads, etc) or an email marketing campaign that links back to a sale. SevenCube uses various landing page builders in addition to creating our own custom landing pages to quickly produce and test various versions.

Each landing page can be tied into your sales funnel. For example, new leads will be emailed to you and can be distributed into your CRM system. This way when a visitor clicks your ad, reviews the landing page, and decides to purchase or sign up for something you will be notified and able to access their information. You’ll also know exactly where they came from since we identify all visitors by where they came from. So you will be able to tell which campaigns are the most successful.