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Inarguably, drawing traffic to one’s web content can be a difficult thing to achieve.

Estimates place, over 1 million blog posts published around the world overnight, 70 million photos posted to Instagram every 24 hours, and more than 20 million emails sent per minute, around the world.

Implying that, whenever you wWhat Is Content Marketingrite, publish and even take measures to promote your content, you are only about one out of a million people doing exactly the same thing at any given time of the day.

Notwithstanding, regardless of the high competition, some people will always seem to have an edge over others, constantly pulling out on top every single time. They generate more Instagram likes and get countless comments on every of their blogs.

Our Content Marketing Strategy Services Formula

Our content marketing strategy is a really simple procedure.

We take your content and we make it better, taking into consideration other contents in the same category that are doing well on the web. Then we promote it directly to the people who would be interested.

In finding contents that are doing well, I mean, we hunt for the contents in the category that have performed well and generated heavy traffic. Our search will include engines such as:

  • Google (Using search queries like, best + “keyword” + posts)
  • Google (Looking at the first page)
  • Wikipedia (In the references section at the bottom of the page)
  • Pinterest (Search your keyword and look for repinned content)
  • Reddit (Under subreddits)
  • BuzzSumo (To find amazing content)
  • Open Site Explorer (To look at competitor content)

From each one of these engines, we will generate a list of trending contentsas, that is, those which people are actively seeking out at the present. These will then enable us to make better content because now, our goal will be to create a unique content which will be better than those we have collected.

Now that we have a list of potential topics to create, how do we go about making one which will be better on all fronts?

Here are four ways to make a better content:

  • Revise an old content and bring it up to date.
  • Take a content that has too much information in one place and make it comprehensive
  • Design content to boost its visual appeal
  • Simply write a content that’s more entertaining and easier to read

These methods are effective either applied singly or better still combined.

When we are done creating the content, the next stage is reaching the right target, that is, the right people. This is a very crucial step, especially to a content marketing strategist,  “How do we draw traffic to our unique and unparalleled write-up?”

The target people here can be classified into:

  • Those interested in the topic therein discussed
  • Those already linked to similar contents, so are likely to link to our version
  • Those you’ve mentioned in the post and are likely to share it
  • Those on forums, who appreciate valuable content

These sets of people, no doubt, will make or break your content marketing strategy.


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