Create and Share Better Content with Blog Management

Would you like to be the voice of authority and trust for your customers? Blogs are means through which one can educate and offer expertise with a soft-sell approach, helping you build audience and earn trust. And a company’s blog can be a valuable addition to the overall marketing strategy of their business.

Blog writing

We render blog management services, which will handle and help transform your blog into a marketing powerhouse to generally expand your domain authority, boost your brand mentions and effectively generate traffic as well as encourage conversions.

We makeup strategies and help with the selection of the best and most appropriate contents to publish, also providing the designs, images, interactive and explainer videos, downloadable white papers and case studies, and infographics to take your content marketing to the next level giving you a competitive advantage in the highly dense blogging community.

SevenCube is a one-stop-shop, providing all you need: from strategizing to planning to executing and designing. We will implement measures to ensure that your messages are effectively broadcasted, establishing you with authority and as a thought leader in the industry.

Our blog management services include:

  • Blog setup and design
  • SEO optimization
  • Topic ideation
  • Keyword research
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • Blog post creation
  • Blog promotion
  • Targeted tie-in with social profiles and channels
  • Analytics
  • Reporting and analysis

Blog Management Services Help You Earn More Leads

Web users want actionable and valuable contents like never before. Your blog is a golden opportunity to give users what they want and still build leads in a long run without the pressures of a “hard sell.”

The blog has to be setup with the right designs and implemented to back your social media marketing efforts. And our blog management team will work with your team to define your goals, determine your audience and their interests, setup posts and post frequencies, and develop a content strategy.

We will work with you to generate a style, setting up branding guidelines, comment moderation policies and escalation procedures to manage how the company responds to customers’ comments.

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  • Yes! The plans we have up are the most common and most used, however, if you need more of one feature and less than another – we can create a custom plan for you.

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