Tips on how to write the perfect email pitch

Email MarketingEmail marketing is the third leading e-commerce driver comprising of 17.8% of all online sales. This is according to the research done by Adobe Digital Insights. The written email content is what most companies now rely on when communicating with their prospective and current customers. However, spam filter has remained a serious hurdle for most marketers. When messages get trapped in the spam folder, it means that all the efforts and time used to write them are a waste. Therefore, writing a pitch email copy while keeping an eye on spam filter is a critical skill that every marketer. Here are some tips on how to write a standalone email that makes a pitch.

Write an attention-grabbing Subject Line

Just like any other headline, a subject line determines whether a customer will open an email. Therefore, giving much attention and writing an engaging subject line is vital. It should stand out unique from all other filler content that clutters up customers’ inboxes. A good subject line accomplishes a broad range of things. It neither sucks nor misleads. Instead, recipients understand it is a marketing email. Again, if a subject line doesn’t describe anything, then the chances are high that the recipient can blacklist and mark it as spam. Experts recommend using original subject lines and exciting introduction that convince the recipient to continue reading. Simple formatting is fit.

Show value, be precise and straightforward

Efficiency and brevity are two critical aspects of a good email pitch. There are several opinions put forth on the ideal length of an email pitch. However, experts agree on three vital aspects when writing an email pitch i.e. value, efficiency, and preciseness. Email pitches need to be as short as they can. 0-100 words or 2-3 paragraphs is acceptable. It should be of value to the reader; otherwise, it will be regarded irrelevant. Most successful marketers incorporate bullets. 3-4 bulleted points are beneficial to the reader.

Use of images

One big mistake that a marketer can make is to attach PDF, Word or image files to their emails. It can quickly raise a flag, and the email can be marked as spam. Content is king and is great if written in plain English along with buzz words. However, it is advisable to keep spammy buzz words at bay or too many images within the body.

Provide a clear call to action

Having a call to action in an email pitch is a great thing. A call to action should come after opening the pitch as it is relevant especially if the news in the email are of interest to the readers.

The power of follow-up

Several cold email pitches go unread and are marked as spam. Others are read but unreplied. However, warm email pitches often have noticeable results. Following up is key to getting a clear response but should not be too pushy. Waiting for a week or so is an ideal time.


Regardless of how splendid a product or service is, a poorly written email pitch can cost a marketer. Therefore, it is vital to take the time and observe all the features of a great email pitch.

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