How to use landing pages to boost your digital marketing

How to Use Landing PagesLanding pages are an essential part of driving leads to a website. For those who may not know, a landing page is a mini-website that is created for the sole purpose of converting a specific type of visitor. For example, let’s say you want to run a marketing campaign for “ABC Widgets”. You take an ad out in a local magazine whose readers are people that live in a certain area, and are typically a certain age and read the magazine to catch up NFL Football. Instead of just sending them to your main website. You want to send them to a landing page something like On this website you can tailor your marketing to that specific audience which gives you better results, you can theme an analogy around NFL football that ties into your promotion or something of that nature. A well-designed landing page is one of the best ways to leave a good impression on first-time visitors to your website. They are one of the best inbound marketing tools in your arsenal. A good landing page is like a sales pitch; it summarizes what your brand or website is about in just a few words or paragraphs. Here are six ways a landing page can help your website.

Focus visitors’ attention

Unlike homepages that provide a generic overview of your website, landing pages focus a visitor’s attention to where exactly you need them to be. A home page is full of distractions for first-time visitors. If someone is visiting your site for the first time, presenting them with too many options is not a good idea. You should instead be directing them into performing an action on your site. This can be anything from signing up for a newsletter, following you on social media, or make a purchase. It’s imperative to understand that this is the entire purpose of having a landing page. You should speak directly to the person viewing the landing page and hopefully know exactly what they want or why they are there. Write your content or sales copy in a way that resonates with them.

Multiple landing pages drive different goals

Don’t just rely on one landing page. Multiple landing pages are the norm. Different, specialized landing pages are meant to drive different goals for your site. One landing page may be designed to capture new leads, while another could be designed to drive sales. People should arrive at your website through different landing pages, with each catered to what type of audience they are. People who want to make a purchase and people who only want to subscribe to your blog shouldn’t see the same landing page.

Easy A/B Testing

Landing pages make it easy to perform A/B Testing. A/B Testing lets you understand which approaches work for your brand and which ones don’t. Landing pages are great for A/B Testing because directing visitors from one landing page or the other doesn’t compromise conversions. Landing pages make it easy to track visitor reception on the use of specific colors or images. Do visitors prefer images to live action video? Do they prefer infographics to bullet points? Landing pages make it easy to answer these questions. There are many landing page tools that help you design landing pages as well as do the A/B testing.

Boosts email marketing by collecting leads

Landing pages are going to be one of your main sources of leads. Unlike email and social media, landing pages don’t require as much effort to maintain. A well-made landing page will attract new emails to your newsletters for months without ever needing to be touched or updated. This gives you time to work on other aspects of your business. A good landing page should be able to do convince first-time visitors that your brand is worth looking into.

Improves SEO

Landing pages are great for SEO. Search engines scour websites for well-designed and informative landing pages. Landing pages are unique and are filled with keywords; both are things that search engines like Google and Bing look for. Search engines love how landing pages drive traffic and how they are packed with content. Landing pages provide websites with an easy way to compile keywords and relevant links, two things that specifically drive SEO.

Lends professionalism and credibility

If you’re running a small website or business, then a well-made landing page is a great tool for showing off credibility. A professional-looking landing page can drive visitors to subscribe to your site from its design alone. A well-made and informative one can do wonders for your brand. Great landing pages convince visitors of your website’s credibility by showing off your ability to summarize and present content.


Landing pages are some of the best ways to drive leads to your site. Unlike content marketing and social media marketing, landing pages are a one-off thing that doesn’t require as much maintenance to keep going. They are an important aspect of driving leads for email marketing. Don’t hesitate to spend resources on designing great landing pages.


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