Conversion Growth Hacks: 6 Landing Page Tools Every Growth Master Already Knows About

6 landing page creatorsSo you’ve come to the realization that landing pages matter and have impact, but you’re not a designer. Well the good news is that there are several tools to help you along the way. Do you want to increase your email newsletter signups or grow your opt-in list for your latest product offering? It might be time to consider A/B testing your products and services using a variety of landing pages. There are numerous tools you can consider for your landing page needs. Following are six landing page tools you can consider using to grow your online business.


Unbounce Overview
One of the most popular and easy to use landing page creator is Unbounce. Unbounce has a ton of customization along with simple, very nice look designs to choose from. From Drag and drop page creators, to integrating with just about anything you can think of. Unbounce is great for creating mobile-friendly landing pages, integrating them with email, CRMs, etc. and allowing you to optimize your landing page.
Unbounce Pricing

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: $49/mo – $499/mo depending on integrations, and support options, additional features desired.

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One Pager

One Pager Overview
One Pager lets you create single page websites using a variety of visually intriguing templates. Rates start from $8 per month for a single web page. Enterprise rates are available for marketers needing to create numerous sites. Each single page web page also comes with a monthly newsletter offering.
One Pager Pricing

  • 1 Landing Page: $8/mo
  • 5 Landing Pages: $15/mo
  • 20 Landing Pages: $29/mo
  • 150 Landing Pages: $199/mo

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Instapage Overview
Instapage lets you create landing pages to host as single web pages or to post to your Facebook  wall / business page. Instapage offers numerous templates for beginners or professionals can upload their own. You can customize your creation thanks to Instapage’s drag-and-drop functionality. Your newly created landing page will integrate with email marketing tools like MailChimp and is social media ready.
Instapage Pricing

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: $29/mo – $127/mo depending on integrations, and support options desired.

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Landingi Overview
Landingi’s single page website creation tools are so easy to use that even a complete novice can create stunning landing pages in minutes. Templates available range from mobile app landing pages to newsletter subscription squeeze pages. Market templates range from sales and marketing to technology and tourism.
Landingi Pricing

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: $29/mo – $499/mo depending on the number of leads that come through your landing pages.

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Lander App

Lander App Overview
Lander App lets you create custom landing pages for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to promote your newest ebook or you want to boost signups for your upcoming webinar, Lander App makes conversion optimization easy. Tools include split A/B testing, drag-and-drop editing, and custom templates too.
Lander App Pricing

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: $16/mo – $149/mo depending on the number of visitors that go to your landing pages.

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LeadPages Overview
Lead Pages helps marketers and webmasters to create everything from mobile responsive landing pages to Facebook squeeze pages. Features include WordPress integrations, multiple templates, customized 404 error pages, and one-click landing page duplication. Lead Pages offers built-in search engine optimization tools, custom subscriber fields, and custom opt-in templates.
LeadPages Pricing

  • Unlimited Landing Pages: $25/mo – $199/mo depending on various support, A/B testing, and other options.

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These six landing page creation tools are just some of your options if you want to increase audience interaction with your online business. No matter what business niche you are in, adding a landing page to your marketing efforts can significantly boost your bottom line. Which of these marketing tools will you be utilizing this year?

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