Lead Generation

This is our specialty. Its not just about driving traffic to your website – its about converting those visitors into customers. We will set up optimized website landing pages, leverage A/B testing, highly targeted PPC ads, and more. These are all needed if one really wants to turn visitor into quality leads and potential sales. We also take up monitoring, recording and reporting of the advancements of your website to you on a regular basis.

Strategic Lead Generation

Strategy involves finding means to broadcast your message to the right people, using the right medium, and the right moment. At SevenCube, we have variety of strategic techniques to ensure that you meet the targets you have set for yourself, expanding your presence and growing your business.

Your Target

Research, personal development, and empathy are all vital to fully grasp and understand ones target market. We take care of the important factors, handle the research, planning, and design in inquiry and data collection. Take for instance your aim is to get across a compelling message to a set of people; we understand that knowing exactly who they are, is vital so we will help you develop that understanding.

Your CampaignsLead Generation Funnel

For a successful campaign, there has to be the right blend of strategy, channels, contents, brand, and people all brought together for a positive target. We have the design team who could come up with the creative ideas, and technical execution plans for your marketing campaigns. Once we have understood your market target, SevenCube will handle messaging, designing assets, and the supportive technology to help deliver a compelling campaign that will induce your target audience into patronizing actions.

Your Optimization

We love to see concrete results. When you invest into marketing efforts, we understand that it is important to be able to track the success of the investment, measurement of what does and does not work well. For the best return on investment possible, we make sure that for whatever strategies are implemented and executed, we put in place of how to track success.

Ad Retargeting

There is never a shortage of contents on the web, and every second your patrons spend on the Internet is a new opportunity to get carried away or become attracted to other sellers. To prevent this, there is need for a well developed media planning and buying layout, as well as strategic ad retargeting (also known as ad remarketing) to maintain interests and sustain engagements.

If done efficiently, ad remarketing allows you to identify the visitors on your site, create and deliver display ads to retarget and keep them coming back as they browse the Web.

As a certified Google AdWords Partner, SevenCube will help you connect to Google Display Network’s ad remarketing power. Your display ads will be presented to your visitors anywhere throughout the Google Display Network, creating multiple opportunities for additional impressions and conversions as they surf the web.

SevenCube will work closely with you, forming strategies that will include all the Google’s distribution channels, such as: search, mobile, display, and TV.

We will setup a platform that will make incorporating email marketing easy, with all the email retargeting tools to ensure your mailing list recipients have multiple opportunities to connect in their messages as well as across the Web.

Our team will make use of every possible web tool to encourage return visits.

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